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Copy-paste the quick and easy way

For all those who don't know how easy copy-paste can be done, I wrote this quick demonstration page. Please note that although it is not visible, I don't use any keys like ctrl-c and ctrl-v (that can also be used between various programs such as editors, word processors, but not on the shell, since ctrl-c is the interrupt keystroke).

Note: you can stop the flash demo by right clicking the image and deselecting 'play'. Selecting it again continues playback.

First I select the words "echo" "hello" and "world" by double clicking them with the left mouse button (lmb), and each time I move the mousepointer to the Konsole window and click the middle mouse button (mmb). I hit the 'enter'-key to execute the command that I constructed.

Next, I select the words "echo hello" by dragging the mouse over them with the lmb down. After copying with the mmb I can still add something to the command, in this case the word "visitor", after which I hit enter to execute the command.

Then I select the whole command "echo hello visitor" without letting the text get inverted to the end of the line (so I don't include the carriage return/enter signal), which allows me to edit the line: I replace the word "visitor" by the word "reader", then I execute the command by pressing 'enter'.

Then I select the whole command "echo hello visitor" again, this time letting the text get inverted to the end of the line (so I DO include the carriage return/enter signal), which directly gets the command executed -- no editing is possible, but no typing at all is required. Who needs typing, even on the Command Line Interface? :-)

To demonstrate the 'no keypresses required' idea behind this whole thing, I then copy 4 'echo'-commands that put some text into a file, and finally I copy-paste the last 'cat' command that outputs the contents of the file I just created to the shell.

The point of this page is that whenever you see any commands on this site, you don't have to type them yourself, you can just copy-paste them. If there are several commands, you can just do all of them in one go.

Note that if you copy into an editor/word processor or so, the text gets placed at the mousepointer, whereas whenever you copy anything into the shell (including into vi(m)), it gets copied to whereever your cursor is placed.
Also, if you select commands from the shell, and make the line inverted, the cr/enter signal is taken into account and the command will directly be executed when you paste it. If you copy it just until the last characters of the line, and then paste it, you can still add to that line, as the example shows.

This page requires Shockwave Flash.

Page first created: January 2004. Page last updated: Jan 22 2004

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