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Updated January 13rd 2008:
My LIRC page: The Linux Audio Server Project - Revisited

Added January 3rd 2008:
My (K/X/)Ubuntu review: Ubuntu - beyond the hype

Added December 2nd 2007:
My Mandriva 2008.0 review

Added November 20th 2007:
The configuration page of Mandriva Linux 2008.0

Added November 18th 2007:
The Installation walkthrough of Mandriva Linux 2008.0

Added November 17th 2007:
The review of openSUSE 10.3

Added July 8th 2007:
The Configuration page of Mandriva Linux 2007.1 Spring

Added July 1st 2007:
The Installation walkthrough of Mandriva Linux 2007.1 Spring

Added December 18th 2005:
The third and final part of my Mandriva Linux 2006 review

Added November 14th 2005:
The second part of my Mandriva Linux 2006 review

Added November 6th 2005:
The first part of my Mandriva Linux 2006 review

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Finding answers

Looking for answers? Didn't find them in the manual? Start your search here:

Mandriva linux (to search Usenet Newsgroups with Google)
The Linux Documentation Project with loads of howto's and other information
Official Mandrakeuser documentation section
The forum search
the Mandriva Club
The official site for all kde-desktop related things
Furthermore, in all program projects homepages you will find information; check the 'about' information of the respective program or for the weblink to the site of your application.
LinuxBazis The Hungarian Linux search engine

Information for novices

For all those who are new to linux -- sites with information for beginners, FAQs, howtos:

Tim Pattinson's site is a good reference for the uninitiated who want to glance ahead and see how a former uninitiated person gets into Linux., lots of beginner tips on (Mandrake/Mandriva) Linux
A 'translation' table with linux equivalents for windows software:
The Mandrake Experience
A practical guide to get started on (mandrake) linux by Wily Yuen from the forums
On how to configure Mandrake 9.1
Howto set up urpmi
easyurpmi -- quickly set up your urpmi sources
Beginners guide
howto linux for newbies
The Linux Migration Quick Reference
Step-by-Step Guide to LINUX Mandrake 9.1


Mandrakelinux TWiki
Mandrakelinux development (cooker) twiki


Official Mandrake forum
Beginner friendly forum, aimed at Mandrake linux users: forum, independent from Mandrake.
You can find many tutorials there about installing, using, optimising and maintaining Mandrake Linux., Mandrakelinux oriented forum in Dutch, Mandrakelinux oriented forum in German
PCLinuxOnline forum
Scot's Newsletter Forums, lots of beginner tips on Linux, where I first found the info from the site

Hardware information

USB devices linux support info
linux scanner support
Linux on laptops
Linux printer support information
Linuxhardware: hardware site with a focus on Linux compatibility
Linuxrigs, a site with docs and hardware with linux


If you like to use Linux and only Linux, and you also like to play games on your computer, the best choice is to buy native Linux games (games that run without any intermediate layer on your Linux system). You can find lots of information about available games and even order them through the links below.

Naturally there are also lots of free games, many simple but fun games are included with Linux distributions, but some are not, so I have included links about those too.

Linux Game Publishing
Tux Games
Linux Gaming
The Linux Game Tome (in Dutch)
Mandrake eXPerience FREE GAMES section
Article on Gaming and Linux in 2003


News about Linux:

PC Linux Online
Linux Today

About all linux distros


Links to any kind of linux site

Loads of Linux Links

Various links

Official Mandrake general info on 9.1
Official Mandrake docs on various things
General Mandrake documentation
Mandrake linux 9.0 server configuration guide (as a pdf document)
Mandrake 9.0 tutorial, including tutorials about KDE and GNOME
To add resources for urpmi just follow the instructions here or, of use easyurpmi
The table of equivalents/replacements of Windows software in Linux
How to enable the Powersaving Functionality of the Athlon/Duron/AthlonXP Processor on some Motherboards
Tweakhound's info on Mandrake linux
Why you should develop under the (L)GPL license (instead of the BSD license) if you care about the promotion of OSS and it's community.
A Windows XP review by an (ex) Linux geek
A primer on Spamassassin combined with Evolution, to get rid of spam
Free fonts! And loads and loads of them!
As a light comment on the side, for those who got this far:
Proper pronunciation of Linux, explained by Linus Thorvalds and on the following link you can find some audio files of "Linux" pronounced by Linus.

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